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Having worked over the last years with a quite "classical" technology stack: Java SE + Spring Web MVC + Freemarker template engine (as well as doing some development with Play! Framework) and a lot of client-side logic built in JavaScript resp. jQuery, I am now wondering what are the best options for a straight rendering layer when embracing now Java EE 6? My team (consisting of web developers with a lot of HTML/CSS/JavaScript know-how) wants to avoid JSF by all means. Which frameworks can you recommend? One option might be probably, it would be fantastic if you could share your expierences ...

Related questions, which do cover the pros and cons about JSF (2.0), but unfortunately not what lightweight alternatives are available:

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Look at AngularJS by Google or backbone.js. Haven't worked on either of them but I am aware of those. Also, once you move out of the Java EE 6 spec it is kind of more involved on integrated these frameworks into Java EE programming paradigm.

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And what would you use for delivering those base HTML pages? ... or go for a pure JAX-RS driven approach? – ngeek Nov 28 '12 at 20:45
@ngeek Yes. REST is what I am thinking. I've asked a question earlier regarding the same in SO. Look under "angularjs" tag. – Pangea Nov 28 '12 at 20:50

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