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I'm updating symfony verdors via composer. I always do it using:

php composer.phar update

But recent version of composer, before update each package show a message like this:

  - Updating doctrine/data-fixtures dev-master (a95d783 => a28b6bd)
The package has modified files:
M .gitignore
M .gitmodules
M composer.json
M lib/Doctrine/Common/DataFixtures/AbstractFixture.php
M lib/Doctrine/Common/DataFixtures/DependentFixtureInterface.php
M lib/Doctrine/Common/DataFixtures/Event/Listener/MongoDBReferenceListener.php
M lib/Doctrine/Common/DataFixtures/Event/Listener/ORMReferenceListener.php

-10 more files modified, choose "v" to view the full list Discard changes [y,n,v,s,?]?

How to avoid this?

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Set composer config to discard changes (see: https://github.com/composer/composer/pull/1188):

php composer.phar config --global discard-changes true
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Alternative to @lemats solution you can modify the composer.json file with:

  "config": {
      "discard-changes": true

Altough I agree with @Seldaek on you shouldn't be modifying these vendor files, but sometimes you are forced to monkey patch it :(

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You could always do a pull request to the vendor repo if it is an important fix –  Gabriel Alack Mar 28 at 0:04

both @lemats and @reza-sanaie's answers are incomplete as --no-interaction (-n) composer's option is required to have a real update without any question (see https://github.com/composer/composer/pull/1188#issuecomment-16011533).

So after

php composer.phar config --global discard-changes true

or after modifying composer.json

"config": {
    "discard-changes": true


php composer.phar update -n
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How about not modifying vendor files? If they get modified most likely it's because of some messed up git settings for the line endings. See https://help.github.com/articles/dealing-with-line-endings

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still happens sometimes. I've seen people with servers that chmod on crontab that mess with the perms of all the vendors. or when debugging a vendor lib, it can happen too –  Ascherer Mar 11 at 17:35
This can also happen because of git filemode, especially when the vendor file is something you have symlinked in bin. –  gidmanma Nov 27 at 5:09

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