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I transfered my website on new server and new domain. I changed domain inside dashboard, exported database and imported it on new server. I also copied all of the files via ftp. New site is running good besides posts and pages. When I open page or post, I get 404 error. Also I see that many pages that I had are now missing inside Wordpress dashboard.

When I go to the phpMyAdmin I can see that all of the post are existing inside wp_posts table.

Does anyone can help with informations?

Thanks in advance,


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Looks like you are missing the .htaccess file or mod_rewrite is not enabled. Are you using a permalink structure? What is happening is the fancy url isn't being passed along to the bootstrap index.php file.

share|improve this answer the paths for the posts are absolute paths and stored as serialized data in the database. Please read this link to learn how to safely migrate to new domain/server.

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I don't have the rep to comment, so I have to answer.

Try this plugin to fix the links: velvet-blues-update-urls.

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