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I'm making a dynamic button for each for in a table to delete. I make the button id have the key to the row so I can query it on click to know which one to delete. Since I'm assigning all buttons the same function I need to pass the button that was clicked to the event handler so I can query the id from inside the event handler.

When hardcoding I'd just pass 'this' to the event handler. How do I do this when making a dynamic button?

Right now I have:

var cell0 = row.insertCell(0);
var btn = document.createElement("input");
btn.type = "button"; = "btnHistorySelect_" + roundHdr[i].id;              // append the id to the name so we can get it when select button is clicked so we know what round to select as current
btn.value = "Set Current";
btn.onclick = btnHistorySelect;

function btnHistorySelect() {

The event handler gets called, but I have no idea what button made the click.

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You can use the attribute to get the id of the button that initiated the event.

function btnHistorySelect() {

    var id =;

Because you are assigning the function reference , the this inside the function corresponds to the current element is question.

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That's easy enough huh :) Thanks. – user441521 Nov 28 '12 at 20:35
Glad to have helped :) – Sushanth -- Nov 28 '12 at 20:36

You don't need to know or assign an id if you are using this

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function btnHistorySelect(event) {
   alert(; // Will alert the actual element clicked.
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HTML input button element is available inside btnHistorySelect function through this variable.

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