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I want to develop a plug-in for firefox which send progress events to a socket server, the following code belongs to my javascript in the plugin:

onProgressChange: function( aWebProgress, aRequest, aCurSelfProgress, aMaxSelfProgress, aCurTotalProgress, aMaxTotalProgress, aDownload){
    // alert("1: "+aWebProgress+" 2: "+aRequest+" 3: "+aCurSelfProgress+" 4: "+aMaxSelfProgress+" 5: "+aCurTotalProgress+" 6: "+aMaxTotalProgress+" 7: "+aDownload);

    var transport = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/network/socket-transport-service;1"]
                          .createTransport(null, 0, "", 23456, null);
    var stream = transport.openOutputStream(0, 0, 0);
    var data = "ProgressChange;"+String(aCurSelfProgress)+";"+String(aMaxSelfProgress)+";"+String(aCurTotalProgress)+";"+String(aMaxTotalProgress)+";"+String(aDownload.id)+";"+String(aDownload.state)+";"+String(aDownload.displayName);
    stream.write(data, data.length);

The following problem exists:

aCurSelfProgress and aCurTotalProgress have always the same value, it is independent of how many downloads are running.

In my opinion aCurTotalProgress must be the sum of every aCurTotalProgress of every single download, but it is not. Multiple downloads are not recognized...

Do I misunderstand the reference: nsIDownloadProgressListener

Any help or hints available?

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