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How should I add a huge multi-dimensional (100x100) integer/double/float field to a BSON object with the C library?

The closest stackoverflow question/answer I see is for C++ ( MongoDB: how do I store binary array in a BSON in C++? )

I was thinking maybe I should use bson_append_binary? I'm not really sure how I'd do that though... I should admit that my C is pretty weak. I'd write how I think I could convert an double[] to binary, but I really don't know how yet.

I'm not opposed to switching to C++, but if it's practical I'd prefer to stick with the C drivers.


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I, and the person who answered was right, it is with bson_append_binary.


int array[] = {10,11,12};
int *array_ptr = array;
bson_append_binary(&b, "fld", BSON_BIN_USER, (char*)array_ptr, sizeof(array));

Then, I was able to read the array out of mongo with:

if ( bson_find( iterator, mongo_cursor_bson( cursor ), "fld" )) {
    array_ptr = (int*)bson_iterator_bin_data(iterator);
    printf(" first element: %i\n", *(array_ptr++));
    printf("second element: %i\n", *(array_ptr++));
    printf(" third element: %i\n", *array_ptr);

Looks simple but because my C is terrible it took me hours. Next challenge is to figure out how to read the binary from another (e.g. PHP) client. Thanks to those who helped!

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It looks like you would use the bson_append_binary() function call:

bson_append_binary() API doc

So the code would look something like:

int[100][100] bigArray;
bson_append_binary(bsonHandle, "yourFieldName", BSON_BIN_BINARY, bigArray, sizeof(bigArray));
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hey, thanks! I think it has to be a char though, I was playing with this last night some more. I'll put more in an "answer" rather than a comment. Thanks though! –  Matt Nov 29 '12 at 14:14
I think I read BSON_BIN_BINARY was deprecated. That said, the bson_binary_subtype at aren't even defined in the v0.7 tag of the C client. Looking in the .h file, I found BSON_BIN_USER rather than BSON_BINARY_SUBTYPE_USER_DEFINED –  Matt Nov 29 '12 at 14:22

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