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Can somebody point me in the right direction so I can create a function like this?

I want to create something similar that when you click on an image in a stack of images it brings it to the front.

Can't seem to find the name of it.

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Without examining how it works, my guess is it merely modifies the z-index css property. $(this).css('z-index', 999); while simultaneously setting the z-index of all others back to a low value like 0, based on their class or something –  Michael Berkowski Nov 28 '12 at 21:48
read more on style.zIndex property and click event –  lostsource Nov 28 '12 at 21:48

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$("img.myclass").click(function() {
     $("img.myclass").not(this).css("z-index", 0);
     $(this).css("z-index", 100);

should help you get started

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If the images are positioned with position: absolute, you can append an onclick handler to them and change their z-index.

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I would do it so you have a global zIndex variable and you just update with the latest value + 1.

var zIndex = 0;
  $(this).css('zIndex', zIndex);

z-index only affects elements that are positioned anything other than static (so: relative, absolute or fixed).

Using this method, you would be able to place them in any order you want, instead of always reverting everything else to their defaults.

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