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I understand that I can specify multiple values for my filter in a way such as:

xxx::get()->filter('FirstName', array('Sam', 'Sig'));

Which gives me the equivalent of:

... WHERE FirstName = 'Sam' OR FirstName = 'Sig'

However, there doesn't appear to be anyway of combining OR's with the modifiers ('LastVisited:GreaterThan' => '2011-01-01')

I need to be able to filter like so:

WHERE ExpiryDate > 29-11-2012 OR ExpiryDate IS NULL

Is what I am trying to achieve possible? I have read the docs but have not found the answer to my issue.


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You could always use the where() function if nothing else will do what you need.

xxx::get()->where("\"ExpiryDate\" > 29-11-2012 OR \"ExpiryDate\" IS NULL");


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