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Is it possible to know when a FlipView is sliding back or forth and then what item is currently on screen? The only relevant event I can see is SelectionChanged, which only gets raised when the FlipView comes to a rest and not if the person is quickly flipping through multiple items. I want to implement a "page number" indicator that changes even when the FlipView has not come to a rest. I'm using C++/CX.

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You could check the ScrollViewer that is part of the control template of the FlipView. To get hold of the control - you would use the VisualTreeHelper to scan the visual tree looking for it. Then perhaps the ScrollViewer's ViewChanged event would let you see if the FlipView was manipulated.

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Thanks, that worked well. The ScrollViewer's HorizontalOffset property gives me a "live" indication of the item that's on screen. –  James Nov 30 '12 at 1:29
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If all you want to do is show a page number, you could DataBind the TextView displaying the number to the FlipView's SelectedIndex property. You'll need to create a ValueConverter that adds 1 to the SelectedIndex, but that'll only take a minute.

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