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In my Visual Studio 2010 solution, I've got a project (let's call it project A) that generates a DLL which is used as a module in an application.

My end goal is to create a new DLL (Project B) that will be loaded instead of project A as the main module. But as I want to re-use and/or extend some of the classes in project A, I'd like to make project B dependent on project A.

So I've created project B, and written a function that calls the constructor of a class (let's call it Foo) located in Project A.

I've set up project A to generate a .pch and a .lib file, which I'm feeding into project B's compiler and linker inputs.

I've also set project B to have a reference to project A.

Despite all that, the linker says it can't resolve the external symbol which is Foo's constructor.

What have I done wrong?


EDIT : More information aout how the application works:

The client application (which I can't rebuild) uses a configuration file where you can specify which DLL to load at runtime. By default, it's loading A.dll.

I intend to change the configuration file to load B.dll, but obviously, B needs to be able to do everything A can, hence trying to establish some kind of dependency.

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Is the constructor (actually, the entire class Foo) exported? I mean, is it __declspec(dllexport)? –  Angew Nov 28 '12 at 22:31
Hmm, it's not. Is that something I should do for every single class in project A? I was hoping to not have to touch the source of project A, otherwise I might as well copy all the files to project B. –  Mougli Nov 29 '12 at 9:07
To be able to use a symbol from a DLL from outside that DLL, the symbol has to be exported. On the other hand, if Foo is not exported, the client program is certainly not using it. –  Angew Nov 29 '12 at 9:26
It is used but via an interface. Problem is, the compiler won't let me export the class if the interface isn't exported (and I can't make that happen as I don't have the source of the project defining that interface). Guess I'm stuffed because of a dodgy codebase. –  Mougli Dec 1 '12 at 9:48

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