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On Emacs (GTK) if I have a slit window that is not able to show an entire line, it will show some little arrows indicating there is more text to the right.

How can I disable those little arrows?

(screenshot of the little arrows I want to remove http://i.imgur.com/Sfa17.png)

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See "Fringes" in the Emacs manual, or type M-x set-fringe-style RET no-fringes RET.

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Basically you need to adjust the value of the variable fringe-indicator-alist. Take a look at its default value with C-h v fringe-indicator-alist and remove the indicators that you don't want to see.

Another simpler solution would be to turn-off visual-line-mode (which causes the triangles to be displayed). Adding this to your init file should do the trick:

(visual-line-mode -1)
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