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I would like to add a step to our TeamCity configuration that checks the contents of a web.config file.

If a key value isn't found, that means someone's checked it in with the wrong value and we shouldn't proceed with the build. (TeamCity is running on a Windows server.)

I'm able to add a command line runner that executes the appropriate FIND command, but I can't capture the output from the FIND and use it within a subsequent IF statement.

Attempts to embed the FIND within a FOR statement have been unsuccessful.

Any suggestions?

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You can use PowerShell runner:

$key = 'your-key'
[xml] $config = Get-Content path\to\web.config
$value = $config.SelectSingleNode("/configuration/appSettings/add[@key='$key']/@value")
if ($value.Value -ne 'your expected value') {
    exit 1
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You could create a simple nant script using xmlPeek to check the value

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