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I would like to be able to set the UIBackgroundModes setting for updating my location dynamically (with a UISwitch setting) from my gui. I can handle the UISwitch stuff just fine, but, I would like to be able to get the user to be able to "turn on" location updating even when the app is in the background. I imagine, that if I AM able to do this, then, I would need to update some data structure in memory, as well as update my Info.plist file...

Any ideas?

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No, you can only set this in Info.plist, which cannot be modified after the app is built.

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Thank you... This fact will definitely drive my design.. –  geekyaleks Nov 29 '12 at 3:04

You can't use code to change it. You can only change it before you compile by edit your xx-info.plist file. UIBackgroundModes is one of the iOS keys you can use in info.plist file. See what Apple says about the info.plist file

Here is info.plist's description.

About Info.plist Keys

To provide a better experience for users, iOS and OS X rely on the presence of special meta information in each app or bundle. This meta information is used in many different ways. Some of it is displayed to the user, some of it is used internally by the system to identify your app and the document types it supports, and some of it is used by the system frameworks to facilitate the launch of apps. The way an app provides its meta information to the system is through the use of a special file called an information property list file.

Here is iOS keys' description.

iOS Keys

The iOS frameworks provide the infrastructure you need for creating iOS apps. You use the keys associated with this framework to configure the appearance of your app at launch time and the behavior of your app once it is running.

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