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When looking at FourSquare pages (e.g: Place Vendome, Paris) the text: "9.4/10 People like this place" is shown. I'd like to get to this information through the Foursquare api. I'm guessing it's the calculation: likes/(likes + dislikes) . All fine, but although nr of likes is available nr of dislikes doesn't seem to be. (Looking at the venue Api btw, which seems logical)

Am I glancing over something?

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The 9.4/10 rating is computed from an algorithm that includes a variety of signals beyond likes/dislikes. You can use the venues/detail endpoint to get the numerical value of the rating.

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sounds good, but I can't find it here ? – Geert-Jan Nov 29 '12 at 9:58
ahh I see it's indeed there but undocumented.. response.venue.rating .. Thanks – Geert-Jan Nov 29 '12 at 10:01

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