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Is it possible to use a custom view file in a module (eg. user) in order to keep the module (3rd party) intact? Somehow extend the module, with a views folder that holds my custom views.

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Use a theme. For a module named "user" and a view path of "profile/edit", create "/themes/flashy/user/views/profile/edit.php". You can also define a new layout in "/themes/flashy/layouts/column2.php". Then add to your configuration file in "protected/config":

return array(
    // many settings...
    'theme' => 'flashy',

For the module "user" you pointed out, unfortunately its controllers use absolute paths for their layouts (e.g. "//layouts/columns2") so AFAIK you can't define distinct layouts for the application and this module.

See also the official guide chapter on theming with Yii.

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Thank you, I'm currently using themes for my app, but for some reason the modules wont use the themed files under their respective folders... –  IamLasse Dec 14 '12 at 21:38

The path to the module theme views should be


Copy all of the module views from the folder


to the mentioned above folder and that will do the job. After that you could customize the views as you like.

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Copy user module view files to <app>/themes/<current_theme>/views/user/. More general, customize module views using the folowing "formula": <app>/themes/<current_tehem>/views/<modules_name>/<controller_name>/<view_file_to_customize>.php

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