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I have a class with properties in it that are populated via a loader class. Quick example:

class Employee : IEmployee
   public string EmpFirstName {get; set}
   public string EmpLastName {get; set}

public class EmpLoader(int employeeID)
   public void Load(IEmployee emp)
     emp.EmpFirstName = //lookup the employee using the EmployeeID 

I'm wondering how to go about arranging things so that a mocked EmpLoader's Load() method fills in particular values in the Employee. Something like:

Employee myEmp = new Employee();
_empLoader = new Mock<EmpLoader>();
_empLoader.Setup(empL => empL.Load(myEmp)).Sets_myEmp_Properties_Somehow();

I've used Moq's Setup() method before when deciding what sort of return values come back, but wasn't sure if I can use it or another method to set properties in one class via a third party class. Could be I'm way off here; I'm not an expert in Moq and am open to suggestions.

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So, basically you want to set the property for the mock Employee based on some input on Load? –  rae1 Nov 29 '12 at 0:34
@rae1n-- that's exactly right. Mike's answer below looks very promising. –  larryq Nov 29 '12 at 0:45

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You can use the Callback() method on the Setup() to load the data:

Employee myEmp = new Employee();
Mock<EmpLoader> _empLoader = new Mock<EmpLoader>();
_empLoader.Setup(empL => empL.Load(myEmp)).Callback<IEmployee>((emp) => {
    emp.EmpFirstName = "Steve";
    // ... Load all properties
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