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While parsing with HTMLCleaner all "br" tags are being ignored. I would like to know how i can handle "br" tags.

Here is the an example:

<p>El tenista suizo <b>Roger Federer</b>, número dos del mundo.<br><br>
"Quiero todavía seguir ganando títulos, por eso deseo mantenerme al tope de mi capacidad
física porque quiero seguir jugando varios años más. Aspiro a seguir en el centro
de las canchas jugando Grand Slams", aseguró el suizo en entrevista con Caracol radio.<br><br></p>

The output is the br tags getting cleaned.

Any ideas? Please i need help.

Thanks in advance.

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normally in the XHTML syntax, the "br" tag is written <br/> and not <br>

maybe the cleaner does not recognize the tags written like <br> and cleans them.

hope it helps

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The data im trying to get comes from this website The article im aiming for is this one – Angel Solis Nov 29 '12 at 19:34
I found that htmlcleaner cleans all empty tags no matter which they are. I tried your suggestion but no luck. Here is the code for transforming br tag to /br: CleanerTransformations transformations = new CleanerTransformations(); TagTransformation tt = new TagTransformation("br", "/br", true); transformations.addTransformation(tt); cleaner.setTransformations(transformations); – Angel Solis Nov 29 '12 at 19:44
You can try formatting the html code to replace "br" tags by "\n" which does a new line as "br" tag – jumojer Nov 30 '12 at 1:25

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