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My jar file P2.jar (which has a main method and manifest file) is located in C:\Jar Folder. I tried to run it from cmd like this:

C:SomeRandomFolder> java -jar C:\Jar Folder\P2.jar

I get the error:

unable to access jarfile C:\Jar

It works when I run it from the folder that the jar is in like this:

C:\Jar Folder> java -jar P2.jar

Why can't I use the 1st command? Why do I have to go to the directory of my jar file?

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That's because of the space you have in the path name. On Windows, use quotes:

java -jar "C:\Jar Folder\P2.jar"

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thanks. it works. Will accept this as an answer soon. –  Apple Grinder Nov 29 '12 at 1:17

If you are in a terminal and the folder you are in is deleted out from underneath you and replaced with the same content, the jar file will be be visible with ls, but will not be available since your current directory was deleted and replaced with one that looks just like it.

I got that error too:

el@apollo:/myproject/build/jar$ java -jar CalculateStats.jar
Unable to access jarfile CalculateStats.jar

To fix it. cd up a directory and cd back in, like this:

el@apollo:/myproject/build/jar$ cd ..
el@apollo:/myproject/build$ cd jar/
el@apollo:/myproject/build/jar$ java -jar CalculateStats.jar
Program completed successfully
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