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I am using PEAR mail system to send authenticated mails.I need to send HTML mails that has alinks.It was working fine before i started using PEAR mail.Now i am not able to send HTML mails.

mail body looks like this:

$body = <<<EOD

Hiya $username

You might be interested in the current 'haves' and 'wants' on example.com

Latest Haves
<a href="http://www.exmaple.com/product/have/64/Titan+Fast+Track+SunGlass">Titan Fast Track SunGlass</a>


a tag appears as it is in the mail.Any idea how to solve this??Pls help..

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Take a look at the Mail_mime package. It allows you to include both a html- and plaintext-version of the e-mail: pear.php.net/manual/en/package.mail.mail-mime.example.php –  nikc.org Sep 1 '09 at 10:50

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If you follow this example there's no reason it shouldn't work:


        // Constructing the email
        $sender = "Leigh <leigh@no_spam.net>";                              // Your name and email address
        $recipient = "Leigh <leigh@no_spam.net>";                           // The Recipients name and email address
        $subject = "Test Email";                                            // Subject for the email
        $text = 'This is a text message.';                                  // Text version of the email
        $html = '<html><body><p>This is a html message</p></body></html>';  // HTML version of the email
        $crlf = "\n";
        $headers = array(
                        'From'          => $sender,
                        'Return-Path'   => $sender,
                        'Subject'       => $subject

        // Creating the Mime message
        $mime = new Mail_mime($crlf);

        // Setting the body of the email

        $body = $mime->get();
        $headers = $mime->headers($headers);

        // Sending the email
        $mail =& Mail::factory('mail');
        $mail->send($recipient, $headers, $body);
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This code seems to send the e-mail as an attachment now. –  kelton52 Sep 9 '13 at 23:09
what about the SMTP server configuration ?, do you have a link for that ? –  Francisco Corrales Morales May 14 '14 at 14:15

Please note that the example posted by karim79 has a header parameter that may cause you much grief: "Return-Path" - when I included this parameter like the example it prevented me from adding a from name, only a sender email address worked.

Specifically (when I added a debug param to see what was happening) there were extra angle brackets added around the from name so it tried to send this to the smtp server:

From: <from name <name@domain.com>> or
From: <"from name" <name@domain.com>> when I tried using quotes.
This caused the smtp connection to quit with an error of invalid address.

Also when using the mime_mail class you need to specify the "To:" parameter in the headers or it will appear to be sent to undisclosed addresses when you receive it. So replace the Return-Path param with a To param and it will work.

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What do your headers look like? Here are mine:

$headers = array(
    'To' => $recipients,
    'From' => $adminEmail,
    'Subject' => $subject,
    'MIME-Version' => 1,
    'Content-type' => 'text/html;charset=iso-8859-1'
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this code is excellent and brief . thanks @story –  aya Jan 16 at 15:30

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