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I have a simple table with the columns:

name - varchar(50)
text - varchar(200)

How can I get the row containing the oldest date value to delete just before an 11th row is added, so the number of rows is always 10?

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Use Triggers

create TRIGGER trigger_name before insert on table_name FOR EACH ROW BEGIN if count > 10 then delete from table_name insert into table_name values(id, name , quantity); END if; END ;

you can also refer to this link http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/triggers.html

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Create post delete trigger with delete query as:

     //get the row count
     IF rowCount > 10
       DELETE from myTable
       WHERE date = 
        (select date from 
          (select date from myTable
          order by date asc LIMIT 1) as tempTable
      END IF;

I am advising this because same table condition in delete query doesn't work. Here is my another answer.

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Update the oldest row instead of doing an insert+delete? You'll need to make sure there are 10 rows in the table to start with of course.

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