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why I can't run this function? And the error message like the title show?

function y = contrast_stretching(citra)
double_citra = double (citra);
[m n] = size (citra);
for i = 1:m
    for i =1:n
        y(i,j) = double_citra(i,j) + 100;
y=uint8 (y);
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Please post the question details in the question, and a statement of the question (such as "Unexpected Error in Matlab") in the question! – durron597 Nov 29 '12 at 3:19

Well for a start, your second for-loop is

for i=1:n

Where I suspect you actually mean:

for j=1:n

Both i and j have the default value of sqrt(-1) in Matlab. When you try to assign to y(i,j), you're assigning to the sqrt(-1)th column of y.

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Thanks for edit @slayton - That completely slipped my mind. As you say, it's generally recommended you don't use i and j as indices, as they are also symbolic variables for the imaginary unit. I tend to use ii,jj, kk, etc instead. – David_G Nov 29 '12 at 4:06

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