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Despite using PHP for years, I've never really learnt how to use expressions to truncate strings properly... which is now biting me in the backside!

Can anyone provide me with some help truncating this? I need to chop out the text portion from the url, turning

<a href="link.html">text</a>


<a href="link.html"></a>
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$str = preg_replace('#(<a.*?>).*?(</a>)#', '$1$2', $str)
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While this works, you generally don't want to parse HTML with regexes. Karim's answer might be preferable. – Konerak May 3 '11 at 16:33

Using SimpleHTMLDom:

// example of how to modify anchor innerText

// get DOM from URL or file
$html = file_get_html('');

//set innerText to null for each anchor
foreach($html->find('a') as $e) {
    $e->innerText = null;

// dump contents
echo $html;
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What about something like this, considering you might want to re-use it with other hrefs :

$str = '<a href="link.html">text</a>';
$result = preg_replace('#(<a[^>]*>).*?(</a>)#', '$1$2', $str);

Which will get you :

string '<a href="link.html"></a>' (length=24)

(I'm considering you made a typo in the OP ? )

If you don't need to match any other href, you could use something like :

$str = '<a href="link.html">text</a>';
$result = preg_replace('#(<a href="link.html">).*?(</a>)#', '$1$2', $str);

Which will also get you :

string '<a href="link.html"></a>' (length=24)

As a sidenote : for more complex HTML, don't try to use regular expressions : they work fine for this kind of simple situation, but for a real-life HTML portion, they don't really help, in general : HTML is not quite "regular" "enough" to be parsed by regexes.

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Only use strip_tags(), that would get rid of the tags and left only the desired text between them

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You could use substring in combination with stringpos, eventhough this is not a very nice approach.

Check: PHP Manual - String functions

Another way would be to write a regular expression to match your criteria. But in order to get your problem solved quickly the string functions will do...

EDIT: I underestimated the audience. ;) Go ahead with the regexes... ^^

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strip_tags function also helps with this.

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