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I have a multitenant Rails app that has a tenant_id column on many models.

Each model that belongs to a specific tenant has a default scope based on a class variable on the Tenant class:

default_scope { where(tenant_id: Tenant.current_id) }

Tenant.current_id is set in the application controller.

The problem is that when I send mail (via a Delayed Job) regarding a tenant-scoped object (ie. UserMailer.delay.contact_user(@some_user_in_a_specific_tenant)), I get NoMethodErrors for nilClass whenever I call anything on @some_user_in_a_specific_tenant within the Mailer. Presumably because the Delayed Job process isn't setting the Tenant.current_id.

How can I get DJ to access the objects I'm passing in?

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Grab the current_id when you queue the job and build a scope out of that that doesn't depend on a class variable from the app. Or get a list of record ids to operate on first, passing that to DJ.


def method_one(id)
  Whatever.where(:tenant_id => id).do_stuff

def method_two(ids)

handle_asynchronously :method_one, :method_two

# then

# or
ids = Whatever.all.map(&:id)
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I see. My delayed methods all mailer methods, which makes it less straightforward, but I'll try that general method. –  bevanb Nov 29 '12 at 4:59
Yeah it's really the only reasonable way. The delayed_job process is simply another app, pulling database records and running jobs. It has no way to know about the state of your main app unless you tell it. –  numbers1311407 Nov 29 '12 at 5:11
That looks promising. I'll try :) –  Dmitri Oct 13 '14 at 14:23

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