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All throughout an application wherever error messages (or other user messages) are used I typically hard-code a string. Obviosly this can be really bad (especially when you may have to come back and localize an app). What is the best approach to centralize these strings? A static class? Constants? An XML File? Or a combination (like creating a static class with constants that are used to read from an xml file).

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Create the strings in a resource file. You can then localise by adding additional resource files.

Check out

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Use string resources.

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I've always defined constants wherever they make the most sense based on your language (a static class? application-wide controller? resource file?) and just call them where/whenever needed. Sure they're still "hard-coded" in a way at that point, but they're also nicely centralized, with naming conventions that make sense.

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Create a Resource (.resx) file and add your strings there. VS will generate a class for you for easy access to these resources with full intellisence. You can then add localised resources in the same manner.

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.net has a pretty good support for so-called ressource-files where you can store all strings for one language.

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