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I have tried the majority of the solutions posted both here and on other sites. I still can't catch the back button on my PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile android app. Let's start with the basic one:

document.addEventListener("backbutton", backKeyDown, true);
function backKeyDown() {
    alert('back button pressed');

That doesn't seem to be firing at all.

Another thing I want to do is catch when the home button is pressed. I want to make it so that the app gets killed when I press the home button, mainly for security purposes.

Can anybody help me with my above dilemma?

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Try including the org.apache.cordova.App and org.apache.cordova.App plugins to the config.xml file. I can remember that it didn't work for me once and I included those plugins (I'm not sure which one did the trick) and it worked fine. – Ranhiru Cooray Dec 3 '12 at 5:23

I'm running into the same issue. I haven't fully solved it yet, but the problem seems to be that calls to the app plugin, including the call to enable button events, aren't running.

I was able to get the backbutton event firing by enabling the native part of the event binding in the java code:

super.loadUrl("file:///android_asset/www/loading.html", 20000);


I found the actual cause of the problem - a bug in the development version of cordova that is now fixed.

Usually updating cordova is the first thing I try, but a simple pull didn't work because the repo is now - the old incubator-cordova-android still exists, but is not being updated and contains a version of the code from before this bug was fixed.

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