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How can I avoid a brakeman warning in Rails when constructing an order method from parameters?

def index
  @methods = [:name, :manager, :deadline]
  assignments = Assignment.order(sort_column(@methods) + " " + sort_direction).received(current_user).root

def sort_column(column_names)
  column_names.each do |column|
    return column if column == params[:sort]
  return 'updated_at'

def sort_direction
  params[:direction] == 'asc' ? 'asc' : 'desc'

I'm working hard to avoid ever putting user-generated code directly into the query, but brakeman still alerts (medium confidence) that this is a SQL injection vulnerability.

Is this a false positive? If not, how do I correct the vulnerability?

If so, is there an easy way to avoid the false positive?

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Looks like a false positive to me, it is probably freaking out about the string operations in the order call. What happens if you replace sort_column(@methods) + " " + sort_direction with a single method call? – mu is too short Nov 29 '12 at 6:38
What mu said. It's a false positive and it's because you are manually building the string. Actually, even removing the " " will make the warning go away. – Justin Nov 29 '12 at 17:28
Unfortunately "#{sort_column(@methods)} #{sort_direction}" doesn't prevent the false positive. – dsilver829 Nov 30 '12 at 16:00
Neither does creating a private method in the controller and calling the private method to construct the string. Brakeman seems to be too smart to be fooled by shifting things around, but not smart enough to explain how I can deal with this. – dsilver829 Nov 30 '12 at 16:01
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Okay, this is too long for a comment.

From my testing, moving the string building into a method like this does make the warning go away:

def index
  @methods = [:name, :manager, :deadline]
  assignments = Assignment.order(sort_order).received(current_user).root

def sort_order
  sort_column(@methods) + " " + sort_direction

However, that's just hiding the problem. I would suggest adding something like this to the Assignment model instead:

class Assignment < ActiveRecord::Base

  def self.sorted_by(column, direction)
    direction = direction.downcase == 'asc' ? 'asc' : 'desc'
    column = sanitize_sql(column)
    order("#{column} #{direction}")


Just keep in mind that sometimes you have to choose between keeping a tool happy and keeping your code reasonable. As for the false positive, I don't see this particular issue being resolved, since it is not simple to inspect sort_column and know it is safe.

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You could add a sanitize method on the order by clause

 assignments = Assignment.order(ActiveRecord::Base::sanitize(sort_column(@methods) + " " + sort_direction)).received(current_user).root
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I thought this worked, but it turns out to simply negate the order method. Brakeman likes it and stops issuing alerts, but the sanitization appears to break the ordering. Weirdly, it doesn't error. It just stops ordering silently. – dsilver829 Nov 30 '12 at 5:22
Well... that's interesting. Before sanitizing the order by clause looks like "name asc" and after sanitizing it becomes "'name asc'". The quotes being added are apparently causing the query not to work. – Sebi Nov 30 '12 at 7:16

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