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I have been using Authorize.Net payment gateway in my asp.net application.
I am using a developer account to test the subscriptions created from Authorize.Net ARB (SOAP).The subscription is created for the accounts but i am not able to test the results by using the silent post method for the future recurring payments related to an account.

I have read this post , and its really helpful;
But is there any way where I can receive response data from Authorize.net for the future payments of an account created from my authorize.net developer account?

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Developer accounts don't actually process payments including scheduled recurring billing payments. They just allow you to verify that the API call was successful. So there is no real way, using a developer account, to test Silent Post with ARB.

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Okay ..thank you John...Your responses really have been helpful to me. –  Vishal Avhad Nov 30 '12 at 9:29

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