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Maybe this is a newbie question or RTFM question... but I couldn't find it yet.

Once we have a schema in a XtraReport, the tool shows the Field List, which is a panel from we can add fields to our report, with the datasource setted. But there's cases where that field list is closed by whatever reason (for example, I just re-opened the project and the field list is gone), how I call that panel again? I've searched in the View menu, in toolbars and context menus in the report and couldn't find anything.


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When you open a report in design view, a menu item "XtraReports" appears. The needed menu items can be found here.

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This answer is the best one - does not require closing open reports. – daveywc Sep 24 '09 at 21:25
Interesting. I don't see it using VS2008/DevExpress9.1. All I see when I open a report in design view is: File Edit View Project Build Debug Data Format Tools Test Window Help – Kyle Gagnet Sep 25 '09 at 14:21

Try closing all reports that are opened in Design mode in Visual Studio. Then re-open one. Any designer windows that you've closed should re-appear.

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Just click on the XtraReports menu item and there you will find the Field List item. Click it and it will re-appear .


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It is in visual studio open the designer page. in the menu bar, there is XTRAREPORTS field. You can show up panels using it

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