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I would like to apply scale view option on my chart. I have written the following code which allows me to scale view on AxisY. But not on AxisY2.

chart1.ChartAreas["Area"].CursorY.IsUserEnabled = true;
chart1.ChartAreas["Area"].CursorY.IsUserSelectionEnabled = true;
chart1.ChartAreas["Area"].AxisY.ScaleView.Zoomable = true;
chart1.ChartAreas["Area"].AxisY2.ScaleView.Zoomable = true;

I can scale on AxisY but not on AxisY2. can any one knows What I have to change or add in my code.

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I have solved this problem by myself efforts according to below code.

chart1.ChartAreas["Area"].AxisY2.ScaleView.Zoomable = true;
chart1.ChartAreas["Area"].AxisY2.ScaleView.Zoom(ScaleMinValue, ScaleMaxValue);
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