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I'm trying to figure out how an asp.net application is setting the MasterPageFile from a config file appSettings key like this:

  <add key="MasterPageFile" value="~/Other.Master" >

This causes it to ignore the Page directive's MasterPageFile attribute in the .aspx files (which point to a different master page). I have searched through the whole solution and can't find any ConfigurationManager or MasterPageFile calls that are loading this appSettings key. From what I understand, you would usually have to put this in a system.web section of a config file in a pages element with a masterPageFile attribute.

Anyway, how is it setting the master page from this appSettings key? Is there some other way to retrieve appSettings that I don't know about?

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One question: Do you require this setting? if you don't require it,delete it. –  CodeSpread Nov 29 '12 at 7:20
Yes, the project is working fine this way. I just want to know how it's working. –  NathanX Nov 30 '12 at 1:19
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MaserPage File can be set at page level or pre_init level. Setting it at config level will override your page settings so avoid it.

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