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I started programming app on WP 7.1 with Caliburn.Micro. My starting view is a logging window with login and pass textboxes and button with log in action. Now I want to show progress bar on the top as indeterminate and make textboxes as readOnly. I have been searching in the web and found only not satisfacting me solutions. I am thinking about solutions like this:

  1. Change default binder to bind properties by convention like "ControlNameIsReadOnly" "ControlNameIsEnabled"
  2. Make screen as dialog box with only progress bar shown

Anybody has resolved this? None of those solutions are satisfacting me.

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Did you find a simple way of doing this? – Nick Jul 4 '13 at 15:42

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There are a few ways - depends if you want to do it convention based and per-control

Without conventions you could use a busy property e.g.

class SomeViewModel : Screen // or whatever
    public bool IsBusy 
        get { // getter code 
        set { // setter code, calling notifypropertychanged 


Then in your control

        <TextBox>Hello World</TextBox>
        <Border Background="#AAFFFFFF"> <!-- Semitransparent overlay -->
            <ProgressBar IsIndeterminate="true" Visibility="{Binding IsBusy, Converter={StaticResource BooleanToVisibilityConverter}" />

Your converter may look like this:

class BooleanToVisibilityConverter : IValueConverter
    public void Convert(object value, blah blah blah...)
        if(value is bool)
            if((bool)value) return Visibility.Visible;

            return Visibility.Collapsed;

        return null;

This way you can overlay the progressbar when things are happening on your control so the user cannot interact.

You may have to tweak for best fit as I've not tested any of that :P

You can even bind IsReadOnly on the textboxes to the IsBusy property. This is of course assuming you don't mind doing it the non-conventional method and that it all works on Windows Phone 7 :)

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