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We have developed an app using Objective C XMPPFramework. However we notice that after a while the user goes offline. This is happening from a phone with iOS 4.x

We have made sure that Openfire has settings which allows clients to be idle and it also sends ping message to the clients. However, we are unable to understand why the user is going offline.

Please let us know if anyone has faced and resolved the same issue. Will be glad to provide more information if required.

Regards Anup

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Did you check the server logs? Is there any specific packet received from client before the logout? – Sohaib Nov 29 '12 at 8:18
Have you tried using XMPPReconnect to reconnect after accidental disconnects? – paulmelnikow Jan 23 '13 at 6:02

XMPPStream has a property called keepAliveInterval. The default value is 120.0 (2 minutes) for an iPhone target. You might need to set that (e.g. in the same place where you initialize the stream).

If your server is actually sending XEP-0199 pings, you might need to use XMPPAutoPing or XMPPPing.

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