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I am going to create a new static lib in visual c++, with the use of an existing library. I have copied an existing file from the old lib and added it to the newly created one. ((both header and cpp files) The header file uses a file called QArray.h, so I copied that file too. When building I am getting the errors below:

error C2079: 'CDawesRun::m_HeadRatio'

uses undefined class 'CArray'


[ TYPE=double,



What is the reason for this error? I have created library as a Win32 static lib and have clicked the MFC option. Thanks.

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See Compiler Error C2504. You are probably missing the #include where CArray is defined.

Also see CArray Class, CArray seems to be defined in afxtempl.h.

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Thanks a lot user1610015. Include afxtempl.h solved the problem. :) – gishara Nov 29 '12 at 8:22

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