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I have magento site with two storeviews english and arabic. I have created a theme for English storeview(default storeview). Now I wanted to make Arabic storeview apprear in arabic.

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Although it's not SO type of question, here is how this can be done:

If you have already created Arabic store view you need to find Arabic translation package either from Magento site or from Magento connect, download it and upload on your site in app/locale folder

After that you need to go to System -> Configuration, choose the needed store view and find Locale options section under General tab. Next, from Locale drop-down, select the right one (the first comes language, the second – country, for example, for Saudi Arabia Arabic it would be Arabic (Saudi Arabia)).

After refreshing caches, the store view can be accessed via _store=store_code">http://yoursite.com/index.php?_store=store_code. There is also a setting to add store_code into URL like this http://site.com/index.php/store_code. It can be set up in System -> Config -> Web -> Url Options -> Add Store Code to Urls.

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