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There is a table with fields containing unix timestamps, and I was trying to get records that are older than one hour with

select * from table_name where (date('now','unixepoch') - table_field) > 3600

But this doesn’t show any records at all, but there are fields containing stamps of the time of days ago. If there is some simple condition like table_field > 1 it does output all the records. But why the statement at the top doesn’t work?

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The 'unixepoch' modifier converts from a Unix timestamp number to a format that the date function understands. However, you want to convert from a date string to a Unix timestamp:

FROM table_name
WHERE strftime('%s', 'now') - field > 3600

Instead of counting seconds, you could also use a modifier (but without the subtraction, the string returned by strftime is not automatically converted into a number):

FROM table_name
WHERE CAST(strftime('%s', 'now', '-1 hours') AS INT) > field
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Thank you very much. –  tijagi Nov 29 '12 at 12:56

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