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I use Jenkins to build my project which has multiple modules. This project has a root pom.xml which build all the modules under that project. I specify this pom.xml as the root POM.

Now I want to run tests as a "post-build step". But, I don't want to run all the tests under all modules. I want to run tests only under a specific module.

I tried using the shell command to change the directory to the module for which tests has to be run and then trigger maven. I also tried using the -f switch to specify the pom.xml for that particular module. Both of these steps are not working.

Please help me guys in resolving this problem.


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Just run from the root path:

mvn -pl submodule test

protip: mvn --help

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I found that -f and -pl behaved the same. – orbfish Jan 1 at 19:09

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