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I have top menu in Ipad with position: fixed and width: 100% in my site, which is displayed fine, when keyboard is shown and orientation is changed (f.e., from Landscape to Portrait) in Safari IOS5, but not in IOS6.

In IOS6 after this actions top menu becomes shifted to right at 128px. I found some very close problem, related exactly to 128px in StackOverflow iOS6 Safari orientation change bug?, but solution was not applicable to my case.

So, investigating a little, I changed in javascript event "orientationchange" the CSS property of top menu position:fixed to position:relative.

And that helped, my top menu redrew correctly. But, as I needed exactly position:fixed later for my site, I added setTimeout() method, which returned CSS position back to value fixed.

$(window).bind("orientationchange", function(e){
        $('#framecontentTop').css('position', 'relative');
             $('#framecontentTop').css('position', 'fixed');
        }, 500)

I think, it is the temporary solution. Does somebody know real root cause of a problem, or it is IOS6 bug?

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