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I am currently implementing a NodeJS server which runs on windows machine. My requirement is to enable certificate validation for client server commnunication. Currently I have my code as below and works great (note that all the clients are sent the server Root CA certificate).

var ssl_options = {
    key: fs.readFileSync(options.key),
    cert: fs.readFileSync(options.cert),
    ca: null        

server = https.createServer(ssl_options, function (request, response) {
    // server logic

But my requirement is to use an already existing certificate from the windows store and I am not able do it properly without extracting the private key from the certificate. I tried using the httpsys module and it works fine but looks like it is a pretty new module which is not yet tested properly. So wanted to know if there is any other alternative to use the windows certificate directly in nodejs without extracting the key.

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