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I have an activity A from where I invoke a PreferenceAvtivity P via a normal startActivity. The user can update some settings there, and after the P is closed, activity A should update itself to get the new settings.

Now I've read here How to return from preference screen to main activity? that you should not/must not open the preferences via startActivityForResult, but rather implement an OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener in activity A.

My problem here is, the updating task in activity A might be a heavy one, and when activity A listens to PreferenceChanges, it updates whenever something was changed in P.

--> I need A to update only once, this is after P is closed.

How can I do that?

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Simple: Read relevant preferences in onResume() of activity A.

Edit: Great nick btw

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That works, but it would mean that the update also happens when A is interrupted by something else, let's say a call? Which I would like to avoid (if possible) edit: lol, thx xD –  Toni Kanoni Nov 29 '12 at 9:12
then maybe only set a flag in OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener() and only update in onResume if e.g. boolean prefsUpdated is set? –  Cdr. Powell Nov 29 '12 at 9:16
Yes, maybe something like that. Either way, the onResume tip solved the situation (...never mind of the update after a call or so) Thanks! –  Toni Kanoni Nov 29 '12 at 9:22

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