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I'm working on framework 4
I'm looking for a good example of the following case:

I have formview as master data it contains person data:

  • person_data_id
  • person_name
  • age
  • ......

The formview contains a datagrid as details data which are family members:

  • family_member_id
  • person_data_id
  • name
  • .......

I need to save the detail data to "DataTable"

Page has one insert button, inserts both master and detail data to the sql server database. I'm using linq to get data

I don't know how to create this relation in the page between formview and datagrid or how to save data to the database at once.

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There are plenty tutorials about, I suggest the site, here is the data-access point

a similar answer: Which is the recommended way to fill all controls on a Web Form when user selects a record?

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I solved my own question, for everyone need the solution Using RadGrid I bound the details DataTable using NeedDataSource event, fill DataTable from Db and set as datagrid datasource

In InsertCommand: read values from datagrid and insert new Row to DataTable

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