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I'd like to create something like the interactive flash graphic on this page http://www.brandpassion.co.uk/how-we-work/ but not sure at all where to start. Thinking perhaps something like Raphael.js or can it be done purely html and css? I've googled a fair bit but would love any suggestions.


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this could be made in flash with in 10 minutes, If your not familiar with flash actionscript i suggest using timeline animations for the start, manually changing scale of the circle... Some basic action script is needed to show the text:

look at action script buttons... If you want some free tutorials with good examples goto www.ffiles.com there all free some most have documentation in the files good starting point.

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Thanks parelle, I should have said - I'm looking for an alternative to Flash :) –  mattc Nov 29 '12 at 19:32

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