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I'm designing a vertical scroll-bar plugin for jquery. my plugin accepts a height value as option and if the div height exceeds the given height the scroll-bar will be visible. now the problem is I need to get the real height of the div content.

  <div id="scroll">
     Contents Here


 $.fn.vscrollbar = function (options) {
    var contentHeight=this.contents().height() //that is not working correctly
    if(contentHeight > options.height){
    this.css({overflow : 'hidden'}).height(options.height); 

I can get the height of div before applying 'overflow:hidden' but the problem is I want this to work even if it has overflow:hidden style from the begining.

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You should have a hidden div on the page, of the same width but overflow auto. As soon as your plugin is called/instantiated, take the height of that hidden div and do what you want.

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yes I actually did this. nothing else I could thought of. –  Failure Nov 29 '12 at 11:21

One way I know should work is having a content element inside of the overflow and get the height of that since it should retain its height value.

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The .css() method should work

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this wouldn't work as i'm setting the height to be options.height. it will return options.height not the content height. –  Failure Nov 29 '12 at 9:44

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