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I am trying to create multiple and complex Table in PPT (not PPTX), si Im using POI Apache HSLF, The problem is that I have multiple kinds of tables with multiple headers sometimes, I think then to create my tables on xls files than convert them to image and finally embed them on my generated PPT

I know it is a complex theory, but what I need now is to transform my XLS to image

any help please


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Just a tip. XLS is a data format, so it is not that it is an image. MSExcel gives you a graphical representation of that data, but that is MSExcel work and not dependent of the data itself. So you will have to build that "graphical representation" yourself. – SJuan76 Nov 29 '12 at 9:53
Oh, and what have you done? – SJuan76 Nov 29 '12 at 9:54
Why don't you just insert excel table directly in power point as "object"? I'm pretty sure it is supported by MSOffice. However I'm not sure about Apache POI :) – DRCB Nov 29 '12 at 10:34

You cant do it with POI but You can convert or copy charts(graphs) using J XL or Aspose Cells(Aspose is not free).

This is the code snippet to extract excel chart to image

public class ExportChartToImage
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
        //Start Excel
        Application excelApp = new Application();

        //Create test workbook
        Workbook workbook = excelApp.createWorkbook("/home/tejus/Desktop/Chart Test");

        //Get the first (and the only) worksheet
        final Worksheet worksheet1 = workbook.getWorksheet(1);

        //Fill-in the first worksheet with sample data
        worksheet1.getCell("A2").setValue("March 1");
        worksheet1.getCell("A3").setValue("March 8");
        worksheet1.getCell("A4").setValue("March 15");



        excelApp.getOleMessageLoop().doInvokeAndWait(new Runnable()
            public void run()
                final Variant unspecified = Variant.createUnspecifiedParameter();
                final Int32 localeID = new Int32(LocaleID.LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT);

                Range sourceDataNativePeer = worksheet1.getRange("A1:C4").getPeer();
                _Worksheet worksheetNativePeer = worksheet1.getPeer();

                IDispatch chartObjectDispatch = worksheetNativePeer.chartObjects(unspecified, localeID);

                ChartObjectsImpl chartObjects = new ChartObjectsImpl(chartObjectDispatch);
                ChartObject chartObject = chartObjects.add(new DoubleFloat(100), new DoubleFloat(150), new DoubleFloat(300), new DoubleFloat(225));

                _Chart chart = chartObject.getChart();
                chart.setSourceData(sourceDataNativePeer, new Variant(XlRowCol.xlRows));

                BStr fileName = new BStr("/home/tejus/Desktop/chart.gif");
                Variant filterName = new Variant("gif");
                Variant interactive = new Variant(false);

                chart.export(fileName, filterName, interactive);





        System.out.println("Press 'Enter' to terminate the application");;

        //Close the MS Excel application.
        boolean saveChanges = false;
        boolean forceQuit = true;


i used J excel

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There are 3rd party products like aspose which provides API's for converting worksheets to image file. However you could start by creating a rendering engine which does the geometry layout and write all the data that are available on the sheet to a canvas and then create a converter which gets the pixel data from the canvas and renders to a file.

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Thanks for your responses, as there is trouble in copying Tables to new created slides in a PPT using HSLF, could you please have an idea on how to create custom table on a PPT slide – ahajri Dec 3 '12 at 9:11

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