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I'm creating SQL procedures in Entity Framework by using Sql methods in the migration. For example in an Up() I'm doing


Now my problem is with the GOs: if I want to be able to script my migrations (for using on a live server) I need the GOs in the generated script, otherwise it doesn't work. However for running Update-Database without the -script option (for use while developing), it gets upset about the GOs.

I've found some partial answers:

How to add code to initialize sql database The answer by Bart provides a method to call to divide the statement up into multiple Sql calls. The problem with this is that it affects the generated script when running with the -script option, so back to square 1.

How can I override SQL scripts generated by MigratorScriptingDecorator Also looks like it could be useful.

My question is therefore: is there either a way to know whether you're running the migration with the -script option, or a better way to script my SQL procedures in the migrations?

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I have posted a similar question where someone actually gave me an awesome answer

here is the answer to it. I hope it helps.

basically you have to alter your configuration file of your migration configurator

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