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I have Spring WS which is creating a record in database after SOAP request, and then it should wait till response appear.

(i have two tables in DB - requestTable -record is created when request to WS came, and responseTable - records are created by independent source).

When Method detect that record linked with request appear in responseTable, WS send proper response.

Problem lies in synchronization because i can't ( actually i can but i don't want to) create a wait for n seconds thread, i want to make it using CAMEL, I read somewhere that CAMEL implements method that is proper for this kind of situation abut now I can't find it again.

And i have a question for You: Do you have a hint how i can do that?

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I will post the way i did this.

Solution with using JMS channel between WS and Database what is described here works great: Transparent Asynchronous Remoting via JMS

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