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I have setup a basic Gridster.js demo here:

My goal is to make it more "responsive" to drag events. Right now there is a noticeable delay between dragging an element with a finger and actual element movement. Once the dragging starts though, the delay disappears.

I debugged the code to the point where this event:

this.$body.on(pointer_events.move, function(mme){ 
  => first time fast, second time with delay <=
  // I have commented out the "distance" logic

fires fast the first time, but then there is the delay for the second time. I have commented out the distance logic in the above event.

I am testing this on various Android devices.

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For better performance of the drag event on mobile you can use this library.

It will help in easing out the delay and you can include all the UI events on mobile.

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