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I am getting viewControllers on navigationController stack as follows. Now I need to check if controller on top is one of known vc. How to get vc class name in order to compare it? Thank you.

NSArray *viewContrlls=[[self navController] viewControllers];
[viewContrlls lastObject]

something like,

if ([[viewContrlls lastObject] name] isEqualToString @"viewControllerName"){
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Use this It may Help's you

 NSString *CurrentSelectedCViewController = NSStringFromClass([[((UINavigationController *)viewController1) visibleViewController] class]);
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hey, working! great, really thankful! –  Jaume Nov 29 '12 at 10:35

The most common technique is to use -isKindOfClass:

if ([[viewContrells lastObject] isKindOfClass:MyViewController.class]]) {
    // ...

Using NSStringFromClass to compare strings is not a very nice solution because your code will break if you refactor the view controller to rename it.

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if ([NSStringFromClass([[viewContrlls lastObject] class]) isEqualToString: @"Whatever"]){

You could also use -isKindOfClass if you prefer to compare directly an instance to a specific class.

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Here's a solution for Swift:

Place the following computed property within your objects class definition:

var className: String? {
    return __FILE__.lastPathComponent.stringByDeletingPathExtension

Now you can simply call the class name on your object like so:


Please note that this will only work if your class definition is made within a file that is named exactly like the class you want the name of.

As this is commonly the case the above answer should do it for most cases. But in some special cases you might need to figure out a different solution.

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