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Case: List all unique filenames in a directory.

$ ls 
a.h  a.i  b.h  b.i  c.h  d.i

So c and d are unique in this case. For fixed width we can do:

$ ls | uniq -w1 -u

Not very helpful though as filenames won't be fixed width and uniq can only skip fields (i.e. ignore fields from left to right not right to left).

ls | sort -u -t. -k1,1

I thought sort -u was equivalent to uniq -u (ref) and with sort being able to sort and a given field I expected the output to be c.h and d.i but it's not.

Any thoughts?

Note: I don't need help solving the problem, for instance one solution is just reverse the data twice:

$ ls | rev | uniq -u -s1 | rev
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sort -u is equivalent to sort | uniq, i.e. no flags for uniq given.

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Or in other words: uniq only works correctly if the input is already sorted –  scai Nov 29 '12 at 10:58

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