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I am trying hard to convert PNGs to TIFFs using a Batch File. However, the resulting files lack transparency.

S:\*.*\mogrify -path H:\*.*\blau -format tiff  H:\*.*\Raw\*.png
S:\*.*\mogrify -fuzz 20%% -fill blue -opaque black H:\*.*\blau\*.tiff
S:\*.*\mogrify -colorspace cmyk H:\*.*\blau\*.tiff
S:\*.*\mogrify -fuzz 60%% -transparent white H:\*.*\blau\*.tiff

The TIFFs have a white background afterwards which I have verified using PhotoShop. What is wrong here? How can I get the resulting files to not lose transparency?

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Although TIFF format, technically, does support transparency, it is a dark matter in general. Even some Adobe applications do not support this correctly, if ever. Perhaps, neither does your application; or it may have support in theory, but messes something upon format-to-format conversion.

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