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I'm looking for online GLSL shader IDE Editor that will for writing GLSL shaders and use webGL for rendering. The tool should have features such as intellisense, syntax coloring, basic debugging tools or trivial compilation error highlighting.

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Here's a couple of more. They may not satisfy all your requirements, but are definitely worth a look.

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More recently, I've found a very good one that allows loading different geometry, including a cube, sphere, torus, dragon, or monkey. Can anyone recall the name of this online editor? – Jackalope Aug 11 '13 at 20:18
@Jackalope, I think you are referring to Shdr. – dazedandconfused Aug 30 '13 at 1:48

Thibaut Despoulain has an editor at

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How do we view other examples in there? I tried copying and pasting stuff from shadertoy and glslsandbox into there, but it doesn't work. I'm a newb, so that probably doesn't help, but yeah. – trusktr Apr 13 '15 at 5:19

The website should works pretty well for you. It's allow you to code the shaders with some syntax colors and you can see the result directly in the other part of the screen.

There is also a Gallery when you can browse the other's shaders and see their own code.

Enjoy !

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I've found a great site for sharing and creating shaders

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This side as a shader editor sandbox:

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Firefox 27 has a shader editor:

It currently is a little short of being an editor but it does support compilation error highlighting and dynamic source modification.

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I'm building one at the moment, it is not ready yet. But check out the video which is slightly more out of date than the site. There is only one test file on there at the moment and I still haven't provided the blender script for uploading models on the site, but I'll add that soon as well as some javascript side code for camera control and so on. Currently I only supply sliders for controlling inputs, but I intend to add time, switches and at some point an API.

the site is:

The sample is:

There is a youtube video where I explain how models are uploaded and shader parameters are bound etc.

Still a lot to do, but I would be happy to get feedback.

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